Mind Fundraising

As part of my photography, I always want to give back to others as much as I can. I was looking for ways to do this, and by providing a low cost-high quality service, I feel I am helping local businesses to gain the content they require, without breaking the bank… But this was not enough…

So I looked further, and one thing that is close to my heart has always been mental health, and helping those around me to get them to a better place. I have been there myself with mental health, where you feel like you’re at rock bottom with no way out… This is why I am living back in Devon and not London, as it is my safe space to be. So to help others more, I have registered with Mind as a fundraiser, to sell my artwork on my store, with a percentage of the profits going to Mind, to help those at most need with mental health difficulties.

Currently, 25% of all profits will be donated to Mind, in order to help their mission to:

“improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding…”


If you want to help with my campaign, then head to my store and order your prints, and know that your purchase will not only spruce up your house, but also help those most at need, especially in this current pandemic…