Sinead O’Meara Fitness

Client: Sinead O’Meara Finess and Tori Elliot Illustration

Location: Torquay, Devon, UK

February 29th, feels like an age ago with everything thats been going on!
But, this was the day that I got to work with @sineadomearafitness and @torielliottillustration on the rebranding for Sinead’s website, and what a pleasure it was geting to work with them both!
For this project I was given a brief, the “photography needs to be candid and relaxed rather than posed and structured.” and with the planning of Sinead’s structure for the day, and my preffered candid style of photography, it all went perfectly! 🔥
We had beautiful sunshine (around one patch of rain) on the day, combined with the bright and airyness of the studio, which meant I could capture clean, bright and very white shots! To see the final result of my photography and Tori’s excellence in website design, head over to 🙌

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