Rebecca Broad

Client: Rebecca Broad

Location: The Generator Hub, Exeter, UK

Working with @rebeccacomms was alot of fun at @generatorhub !! And few new techniques tried out, and also with the aim of matching her brand style of a general green overtone to the shots! 📸

Rebecca Broad is a Freelance Communicator helping people with their strategy and content creation. Client currently include South West Mutual, Vixen Labs, and Grow Exeter Magazine. She’s also a Trustee if Devon Wildlife Trust, and I can definitely recommend her services! She is incredibly hard working and dedicated to what she does 🙌

We used @generatorhub in Exeter! The space offered by them is a co-working office space, with permanent and daily drop-in workers from the local areas, all working on diverse industries all in one space! For the shoot we used the Town House building, but they also have a building based at Exeter Quay! Check out the location here:

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