So, who am I?

A Little about me…

My name is Mitchell Searle, and for years now I have been an avid photographer and Visual Effects Artist. I have over 5 years photography experience in many different forms and styles of photography, and have a First Class BA Degree in the Art of Visual Effects, from Escape Studios, London. Outside of work my hobbies include music, martial arts, quality family time and camping.

Where my passions lie…

My passion is visual art, but with a technical approach. I am a self taught photographer, having started by learning how the camera works, and letting the creativity flow after. From studying in London, I have a keen interest in the world of VFX in both Film and Television, but most importantly in all of this my career-goal is to teach all of my knowledge and skills, to help spread the acknowledgement of both the photography and VFX industries.

How I aim to help others…

Photography for me is an art form needed by most, from family run businesses, to Brides and Grooms, then all the way to the corporate world! But this always comes with a price, where most will make you dig deep in your pockets for a photographers service… Not me! Photography for me is a hobby, a side business should we say, and I want to deliver my services to all, so I offer my high quality photoshoots at a fair price. Also, mental health has always been a big thing for me, having suffered and been around those suffering… And for this reason I am using my craft to help those in need, by donating 10% of all profits made on photographic print sales to Mind Charity!

Credited for… (VFX Work)

Origin (YouTube Premium)- Roto/Prep Artist at Milk VFX

Good Omens (Amazon Prime)- Roto/Prep Artist at Milk VFX

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – Roto Artist at Milk VFX

Outlander Season 5 (Amazon Prime) – Junior VFX Artist at Fix FX