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Mind Fundraising

As part of my photography, I always want to give back to others as much as I can. I was looking for ways to do this, and by providing a low cost-high quality service, I feel I am helping local businesses to gain the content they require, without breaking the bank… But this was not enough…

So I looked further, and one thing that is close to my heart has always been mental health, and helping those around me to get them to a better place. I have been there myself with mental health, where you feel like you’re at rock bottom with no way out… This is why I am living back in Devon and not London, as it is my safe space to be. So to help others more, I have registered with Mind as a fundraiser, to sell my artwork on my store, with a percentage of the profits going to Mind, to help those at most need with mental health difficulties.

Currently, 25% of all profits will be donated to Mind, in order to help their mission to:

“improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding…”


If you want to help with my campaign, then head to my store and order your prints, and know that your purchase will not only spruce up your house, but also help those most at need, especially in this current pandemic…

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So, who am I?

A Little about me…

My name is Mitchell Searle, and for years now I have been an avid photographer and Visual Effects Artist. I have over 5 years photography experience in many different forms and styles of photography, and have a First Class BA Degree in the Art of Visual Effects, from Escape Studios, London. Outside of work my hobbies include music, martial arts, quality family time and camping.

Where my passions lie…

My passion is visual art, but with a technical approach. I am a self taught photographer, having started by learning how the camera works, and letting the creativity flow after. From studying in London, I have a keen interest in the world of VFX in both Film and Television, but most importantly in all of this my career-goal is to teach all of my knowledge and skills, to help spread the acknowledgement of both the photography and VFX industries.

How I aim to help others…

Photography for me is an art form needed by most, from family run businesses, to Brides and Grooms, then all the way to the corporate world! But this always comes with a price, where most will make you dig deep in your pockets for a photographers service… Not me! Photography for me is a hobby, a side business should we say, and I want to deliver my services to all, so I offer my high quality photoshoots at a fair price. Also, mental health has always been a big thing for me, having suffered and been around those suffering… And for this reason I am using my craft to help those in need, by donating 10% of all profits made on photographic print sales to Mind Charity!

Credited for… (VFX Work)

Origin (YouTube Premium)- Roto/Prep Artist at Milk VFX

Good Omens (Amazon Prime)- Roto/Prep Artist at Milk VFX

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – Roto Artist at Milk VFX

Outlander Season 5 (Amazon Prime) – Junior VFX Artist at Fix FX

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Bespoke, Client focused and affordable

All of my services will be bespoke to your photographic needs, with quotes being individual to your needs. Do no hesitate to get in touch to plan your next photoshoot…


Are you a freelancer, small local business or entrepreneur looking for a photographer to capture you in action? This photoshoot revolves around you, allowing me to capture candid shots for content, social media and marketing uses…

Duration: 1 Hour (Extendable)

Quantity of delivered shots: Unlimited

Delivery: Google Drive Shared Folder + Store Client Collection

Cost: £120*


Are you an influencer looking for new material for your social media sites? This shoot is perfect for capturing you in a relaxed and comfortable environment, designed to match your brand…

Duration: 1 Hour (Extendable)

Quantity of delivered shots: Unlimited

Delivery: Google Drive Shared Folder + Store Client Collection

Cost: £100*


Whether its food, books, jewellery or a handcrafted masterpiece, we can capture your products in all their glory…

Duration: 1 Hour (Extendable)

Quantity of delivered shots: Unlimited

Delivery: Google Drive Shared Folder + Store Client Collection

Cost: £80*

Wedding photography

From prep all the way through to the party time, my wedding package covers the full day to capture every special moment… If you only want photography for part of the day, this can be discussed in a meeting prior to the wedding…

Duration: Full Day

Quantity of delivered shots: 300-500

Delivery: USB package and Online Store Collection

Cost: £750*

Pet and family photoshoot

Perfect for all your family members, fluffy, scaley and feathery friends…

Duration: 1-2 Hours (Extendable)

Quantity of delivered shots: Unlimited

Delivery: Google Drive Shared Folder

Cost: £100*


Is your location a mirror room that will need me as photographer removed from the shots? Are there people in the background of your beautiful portrait that we could not avoid on the day? Or is there simply a skin blemish or clothing crinkle that you want removed from the shots? Well with my Visual Effects expertise and using the same software that is used on the blockbuster movies (no, not photoshop because photoshop is terrible), I can remove whatever you desire from your shots!

(Side note: No I wont change your physique, we are all beautiful the way we are!)

Cost: £5 per photo (Agreed after the photoshoot)


Cost: £40 (Retouching across your whole collection of shots, agreed prior to the photoshoot)

* Cost dependant on an individual photoshoot basis. Price may increase due to duration taken, or the distance needed to travel to the shoot location. This will be discussed prior to the photoshoot.

Optional extras

To make each shoot personalised to your needs, all of the prices marked above are fully adjustable! Below are a list of the extra costs that may be included, but dont worry, this will all be discussed prior to the photoshoot! 


Time is of the essence… But sometimes more is better. This is why my shoots (Excluding Weddings) can be made longer to suit your needs. More products or outfit changes mean more time is needed! But dont worry, this wont include time for me to setup and pack away my gear! Cost: £20 per additional hour


Devon is a big and beautiful place, and so is the rest of the UK! Which is why I do not want to limit myself to the Exeter, Torbay and Plymouth regions… However fuel is also expensive… Sorry! Anywhere outside of Torbay, Exeter, South Dartmoor or Plymouth will require a location charge.Cost: TBC with you on an individual basis…

Mitch captured our wedding day in June and was fantastic from start to finish, we told him we wanted a lot of natural photos and a few staged photos of immediate family and he captured these better than we ever thought was possible. From booking through to receiving all our photos he was attentive, friendly and extremely professional. Constantly checking in with us that everything was in order and ready for our big day. Would 110% recommend Mitchell’s services to anyone !! Thank you for making our wedding day absolutely perfect and capuring the best wedding photos we’ve ever seen. 5 Stars.

Steve Leaman

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